Mobile Carwash Promotions and Tips

It seems kind of silly to be talking about promotions for a mobile car wash business, especially since there are more cars than people in our country. God made dirt on the second day, as he made the heavens and then the Earth. Of course smart thinking for him and very opportunistic for you he made the damn thing out of dirt? Wonderful as it gets on everyone’s cars. As a mobile carwash owner, you are thinking; Right On! God is cool business partner indeed.

So then, why would anyone car to want to attract more customers when everyone is automatically a potential customer since they own a car? Even homeless people could use a good stray down once in a while along with that stolen shopping cart? Here is the thing, you need to create excitement so that every time you stop your mobile car wash rig people want the service. Not just a few people everyone on the lot. So you need exciting newsworthy stuff. The more cars you do in one place the more efficient you will be and the more money per hour you will make because you are not driving in traffic wasting your time on your way to your next stop. Think about that for a minute. Now here are some exciting things you can do to build awareness and bring fun to your business and secure greater concentrations of good paying customers.

Volunteer to wash that mayor’s car before it 2in1 carwash service enters the big Christmas parade. Get footage and pictures. Alert the media.

At a big sporting event, volunteer to give a month’s worth of car washing as a runner up prize for the raffle.

Charity Bingo Games; offer to wash cars for participants or as a prize for winning one of the Bingo games.

Chamber of Commerce Breakfast; make an announcement in front of the whole group that you will give a free car wash to anyone who makes a five dollar donation to the group this morning.

Policeman’s Ball; Wash all the cars. Go to a major league sporting event and wash all of the V.I.P. section cars.

Let’s face it. Nobody will turn down a free car wash and the publicity is all yours. Remember – it only costs you about $ .52 to wash a car including labor, so you can wash 100 cars for $52.00 of variable costs, not including overhead. You should be able to get at least a minimum of five new weekly customers at $7.50 per week out of 100 free car washes. That’s only five percent: $7.50 Revenue Per Customer X 5 New Customers is $ 37.50 Total Revenue Per Week X 4 Weeks Per Month is $150.00 Total Revenue The First Month. So your promotional costs exceed what you could expect an advertisement to pull. Monetarily speaking you will receive three times your money back in one month plus you will gain credibility, good community standing, etc. Not to mention five new customers with a potential yearly gross of $1,950. So if you want to increase you gross income by $2,000 per year simply throw and event. $20,000 per year plan ten events over a ten week period. $200,000 then plan 100 events over lets say a 2-year period. It is not going to be easy by any means and you still have to do the work, maintain the equipment and hire additional help, but promotional event publicity makes a lot of sense really; think about it. We already did.

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