How To Listen To Your Inner Voice – That Real Stream Of Consciousness

A Course in Miracles states, “The communication link that God Himself placed within you, joining your mind with His, can not be broken.”

There is no doubt in my mind that I was experiencing being turned around at the time of my life while in prison.

I still hear that stream of consciousness–my inner voice, a strong and pure thought, or an urging if you will, intuitively instructing me to write while events were being arranged to carry out the necessary tasks to get my projects to the next level, so this message may be received by many.

Perception or instincts does not yield; it is more like looking into a mirror.

What you see and how you view things is a reflection of your instincts or an inner state of mind.

Being stuck in jail for that time being, my mind healed while I shared what I continue to learn with my open heart.

My friend was concerned that he was not very intuitive to his stream of consciousness. I understood his concern, and something in me urged to share with him some particular instances during my incarceration for eight long years, and still today, where I’ve learned how to listen.

We discussed how we first develop a perception and then to a reflective state that brings forward our inner voice.

I was able to trust her in her own stream of consciousness.

Why? Prison seems to have given me no other real choice. The signs were everywhere that my release early from prison would not too far off.

I have come to know my Teacher intimately, which is the Holy Spirit in my mind. He is my real Self, or we may say, my real stream of consciousness. Unlike the ego-based mind, His Guidance and Lessons are not illusory or fantasy and are everywhere, and teach us all in more ways all the time what it is we should do next.

I am seeing that each step I take is instructed Understanding Seduction to me carefully and slowly, because of His chosen use of time. So can you learn it right here if I can learn to tap into this stream of consciousness.

This, as well as my release from prison, did take place in due time. I’m still being taught by my Teacher to relax without fear, and everything will be fine.

Already, through a friend who came out of my past to help, I’ve been put in contact with a professional literary editor, whom he ‘d sought out for me. Her name is Carol, living in Florida, and she keeps me realistic in my goals.

Carol and I were communicating through regular U.S. mail only, the basic method of communication for a prisoner, since computer access is unauthorized. I ‘d mail my handwritten journals to her for computer entry, and all I can say in those beginning stages of working with her was that things were streaming extremely positive.

As with anything else, time did tell. The Holy Spirit was using the fact and the experience of my incarceration as a whole, to set my mind in an inspired motion that I would not ordinarily have had as a free man.


It’s as though they had a perception of the importance of my work, due to the calm seriousness of my demeanor. There were those who ‘d ridicule me behind my back, but my inner Voice would tell me to “ignore it.”

Some of the other inmates would seem to look out for me while not asking questions as they, it seemed, listened to their stream of consciousness, which is odd for prison.

I would see the littlest of events unfolding around me indicating my freedom. I’d hear His inner Voice, or Thought, calmly suggesting when I should write and when I should read. There in prison, with mass overcrowding, writing space, such as a spot at a countertop or a table, was difficult to come by.

Often I stand at my top bunk, using it as a desktop. I ‘d begin finding that I seemed to have had fewer problems finding a corner or end of a table with just enough space to bring out my pen and composition journal. Often it’s while a card game is going on.

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