Driveway Design and Construction

If you’ve ever considered building a custom designed driveway for your property you’ve probably wondered what type to go for and which supplier to use.

A well built driveway can not only enhance the appearance of your home but if maintained properly, add value should you ever decide to sell.

In this article I’d like to give a quick overview of the types of driveways you may want to consider.

Driveway Types

  • Tarmac / Asphalt
  • Shingle
  • Block Paving

Tarmac / Asphalt

Tarmac / Asphalt driveways are the lowest costs option as it requires little to no designing. The driveway area is dug up, filled with rubble and tar is poured over to provide a smooth layer of tarmac / asphalt


Shingle driveways consist of beds of sand and or rubble, coated with a thick layer of shingle. While easy to maintain they offer little to no choice for design.

Block Paving

Often considered to be the most attractive option, Block Paving driveways allow for custom designs with a choice of colours and materials. Every brick is laid by hand the overall finish is of a higher quality, if you pick an experienced installation company.

Additionally it’s possible to repair a block paved driveway as any breaks that become damaged can be replaced without the need for extensive reworking.

Finally it is possible to install drainage systems that ensure flooding during periods of heavy rain can be avoided, both to the benefit of your property and the community in which you live.

Selecting a Driveway Supplier

You may have heard many stories of ‘cowboy builders’ who claim to have the knowledge and experience to provided a high quality service but deliver a driveway that falls apart, has poor drainage or is aesthetically unpleasant.

Always look for a supplier that can provide references and testimonials, has many years of experience and a proven track record. Talking with the supplier either on the phone or face to face often gives a great deal of insight into the validity of their claims and should help build your trust in them.

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