Bose Headphones: Ultimate Sound Quality

For anyone else who’s obsessed with music quality, the name Bose should be in your vocabulary.

Bose’s QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones are one of the best pairs of headphones that you can buy on the market right now. It’s a superb product for a number of reasons; it’s travel and portability features, dual functionality, and the most important part, it’s superior sound.

The Quiet Comfort uses state of the art noise cancellation technology to block out every sound in your surrounding environment. It does this utilizing both active and passive noise reduction. On the outside of the bose trade in value headphones lies a microphone that listens to all of the active noise in your environment. The outside sound then gets processed, matched, and then flipped to cancel out the noise from your surrounding environment so that you can enjoy the sound in your headphones. This whole process is done though the science of sound waves and how opposite, overlapping frequencies can cancel one another out. The ear-cup cushion facilitates the passive noise reduction technology by eliminating any remaining noise.

Along with providing you with superior sound, these headphones can also function as headphones for any and all of your phone conversations. The QuietComfort 15 comes with two different audio cables; one for regular listening and another for hands-free calling from your mobile device. The hands-free cable has a microphone and three-button remote for your entire calling and music playback needs. It allows you to answer calls, speak to your friends and family, adjust the volume, and then return right back to your music without even taking your music player out of your pocket.

Of course, nothing is perfect and I feel like I’d be lying to you if I told you that they were perfect in every way possible. A problem that I’ve run into (and this goes for all headphones that cup the ear) is that they some times make my ears sore after a few hours of continuous use. This problem isn’t anything serious and doesn’t lack a quick resolution. All it takes is removing them for a few minutes to let your ears breathe and relax from the pressure. One other (minor) problem that I’ve came across (which also goes for all headphones with a band that goes over your head) is that after a long period of constant use the headphones make a small indent in your hair line. Again, this has an easy fix; just take them off for a while.

These headphones are guaranteed to deliver on unmatched sound cancellation, style, portability, dual functionality, and sound quality. Of course no product is perfect and they have a few minor drawbacks. These headphones are sure to impress.


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