Boiler Servicing – Prevention is Better Than Cure

The last few days of June 2009 have been some of the hottest for several years, and it can be difficult to imagine that in just a few months time, the cold weather will be setting in once more with a vengeance. This year has had very mixed weather so far, the heavy snow fall in February took many people by surprise, and a number of locations experienced their largest snow fall in eighteen years. Britain seemed to be very ill equipped to deal with so much snow, and infrastructure was badly hit, as roads, railways and airports were closed. Hopefully we will be better prepared for severe winter storms in the future, and even if the country as a whole still struggles, we can take steps to ensure that our homes will remain warm and safe.

The majority of UK citizens are used to quite a high standard of living, and having heating, running water and even televisions is considered part of everyday basic life. The recent economic downturn, or ‘Credit Crunch’ as it has become known, has seen many of us cutting down on what we consider to be unnecessary expenditure, for example, many now shop in budget supermarkets, and only buy essential groceries. There are plenty of ways in which cutting down can help families and individuals weather the ‘Credit Crunch’, but it is not advisable to cut back on certain precautionary expenses you make. An example of this is boiler service and insurance.

Boilers and central heating equipment are often not thought about very often by those who rely so heavily on them. We are often dissatisfied with utility bills, but rarely stop to think about how the heating process happens. When heading to turn the heating up a notch on a chilly evening, few people spare a thought for their boiler. Often, the first occasion when we think about a Cv ketel vervangen is when we find it has broken down, or is otherwise faulty, which is far too late. One way to peace of mind is to make sure you take out appropriate boiler service and insurance cover. There are several providers if this kind of cover, and it may be worthwhile shopping around to see who can provide you with the best value for money. In order to be of real use, boiler service an insurance cover should meet a certain proportion of the cost of repairs to the system, and replacement when necessary.

It is in the interest both of the insurance provider, and the user of the central heating system, to have a regular boiler service.

Often annual, the services are performed by qualified engineers, who are trained to spot potential problems so that they can be prevented from worsening. Even if a boiler is not that old, it could still benefit from boiler service and insurance cover, as keeping a system running in an optimal fashion is also important – systems working well tend to be more economical, so cover is good for your pocket too!


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